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The Maclab Centre for the Performing Arts is located in Leduc, a few minutes south of Edmonton, Alberta. It seats 450 and is the premier performing arts facility in the Leduc Region hosting everything from local community groups to international artists. The venue is found at Leduc Composite High School, where the City of Leduc has partnered with Black Gold Regional Schools and local community groups to bring performing arts alive in Leduc!

The Maclab Centre presents a performance season where people can come to discover the joy of performing arts and be inspired.


The Maclab Centre has gone through many changes over the years. The stage was initially part of the Leduc Composite High School Gymnasium. In the early eighties, the City joined forces with Black Gold Regional Schools (then the Leduc School District) and renovated the space to include a proper auditorium. What was once the back wall of the stage is now where the proscenium arch sits. This new space, known as the Leduc Performing Arts Centre (or “PAC”) could seat around 250 and had modest lighting and audio capabilities. In the early nineties, the City turned ownership over to the Black Gold Regional Schools who ran it for the next decade.
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Maclab Centre
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Our Story

 Discover the joy of performing arts and be inspired.