Wednesday Mosaic Series

The Wednesday Mosaic Series is brand new to the season and it is all about exploration.

The series focuses on introducing local, up and coming, and professional talent midway through the week. Enjoy the show live and in-person at the Maclab Centre or from the comfort of your own home. Each show will be live-streamed straight to your screen – wherever you are!

Tickets are released two week before each show, so mark your calendar!

Ticket information

Feb/Mar/Apr Subscription
$5 for each remaining show

May/Jun Subscription
Not Available

Individual Shows
$10 per show (in-person or online)

Purchase your tickets for online or in-person viewing!


Tickets are available for virtual and in-person attendance. Are tickets interchangeable between in-person and online?  

Once a ticket is purchased, and should you change your mind, you can: 

  • Exchange virtual ticket for one in-house ticket 
  • Exchange one in-house ticket for a virtual ticket 

Please note, standard ticket refunds are still applicable as all ticket purchases are through Ticketpro. 

For any virtual performance, can customers re-watch the show at a later date or if they miss a show? 

Virtual performance ticket codes can be used up to 24 hours following each show. Shows will be accessible for 12 hours following the start of the performance