Body Positive Bollywood with Karima Essa

Since age 4, Karima’s been gracing the stage in dance competitions, events and most recently on OMNI TV’s Bollywood Star reality show. When she hit puberty at 11, her body unwittingly became a blank canvas in which people could “paint” their admiration and adoration or their judgement and criticism. She grew up thinking she needed to be a “size zero” fuelled by the vanity of the Bollywood industry. However, she has finally grown to love her new, beautiful body. Karima’s Bollywood workshop-style dance show infuses music, breathing and ideologies from ancient scholars from the Middle East and South Asia.  Students of all shapes and sizes will leave inspired to accept and love themselves inside and out, on and off the dance floor!


Get your tickets at the Leduc Public Library or register for the workshop online here.


The event is finished.


Oct 11 2022


10:30 am - 11:30 am